14 November 2004

Around the Web

1) Considering whether a prosecutor's mis-statement of the law is grounds for reversal.

2) In case you didn't know, your body creates alcohol all by itself. I knew it because it of a class on Alcohol and Society I took once upon a time.

3) Having your property stolen by federal marshals. Greeeeaaat.

4) The federal criminal courts are overworked? The courthouse here in Richmond has the feel of a funeral home it's so dead. I'm not sure it handles as many people in a week as my local Virginia jurisdiction does in a day.

5) The final step in getting a warrant.

6) Looks like Orin is on his way to being unfireable. Congratulations!

7) Watching a client make bad choices: the Defense attorney experience.

8) Worries that placing public records online (thus making them truly public) may lead to an increase in identity theft.

9) Reactions to the Peterson verdict (read the comments).

10) Police work and the joy of anonymous excrement.

11) Violation of the Constitution as a sinful act. Surely mortal rather than venial.

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