18 November 2004

Around the Web

1) It takes a day to try this case in Idaho? Heck, that's a half day trial here in the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia.

2) Join the military or go to jail. This is an option which several of my clients have taken over the years. The trick is that the military won't take those with any kind of suspended time so you have to get the prosecutor to move nolle prosequi and then get the kid in. Usually the prosecutor and the recruiter have an agreement that if Defendant has not entered the military by a date certain the prosecutor will reinstate the charges.

3) It may be too late to be worrying about this. Every one of us who has a cell phone or who uses electronic toll-passes is tracked by the government every day.

4) Scott Peterson wants the people who hear that he did it all because [fill in the blank] to be different than the people who heard him say he didn't do it.

5) Please people don't be dumb enough to fill out forms sent to you via e-mail no matter how real they seem. If you need further convincing read the article linked by Orin to see what will happen to you.

6) Ouch! More on the evils of juvenile prosecutors.

7) SL&P gives the highlights of the USSC meeting as to the future of guidelines and White Collar Crime PB talks about DOJ's full court press for the pro-prosecution Bowman "reforms."

8) 700 kilos of coke in a giant frozen squid? Um . . . That's a new one.

9) Holding court in a strip club. 'nuf said.

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