03 November 2004

Report & Questions

Okay first the question: Why are people coming to my site from searches such as "all nude police officer calender" and "oriental massage 2004 san diego full service sex"?

Yeah, I know the XML is busted. I tried to fix it and seem to have broken it even worse. I think I'm going to have to look for another way to get XML out from my site.

There was a win-win yesterday at the polls. The Republicans got four more years. The Democrats get to run Hillary in 2008. Of course the Republicans could do something interesting like have Cheney retire "for medical reasons" in about a year and replace him with Rice or a Hispanic VP. It would make 2008 interesting. And that's my political commentary for this year.

In the last few hours there have visits from Duke, University of Chicago, the College of New Jersey, University of Toronto, Pepperdine, University of Michigan, University of Tennessee, and Harvard.

Governmental hits have come from California, the Navy, Virginia, Indiana, and the US courts.

The top ten blogs which have referred people here are: Sentencing Law & Policy, The Volokh Conspiracy, Blonde Justice, Southern Appeal, How Appealing, Crime and Federalism, SW Va Law Blog, Waddling Thunder, Texas Law, and Notes from the (Legal) Underground.

Top five countries: U.S., U.K., Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia.

Average number of visitors per day (this year): 212.

And that concludes my contemplation of my own navel for today. Tomorrow I should have something better for ya'll.


Litigator said...

Win Win situation? I thought all lawyers were supposed to be against Bush. He's going to try to put me and every mass tort lawyer out of business. You might remember the recall of a drug called Vioxx last month. According to the manufacturer, Merck, Vioxx contributed to a heart attack or stroke in over 28,000 people. Merck knew about this problem as far back as 2001, but failed to warn anyone. Merck is getting ready to pay out $18Billion to settle claims from their customers. Bush is trying to say that this drug was approved by the FDA and since you can't sue the government, consumers can't file suit against the manufacturer of this drug or any drug approved by the FDA. According to Bush, these people would have no recourse.
Of course Bush did sit on the Board of Directors at a major Pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly, before he took office.

Ken Lammers said...

Yeesh. I make one smart-aleck coment . . .