26 November 2004

More & More on Gut Feelings

Yeeesh. Okay, I think I replied to everyone on the "gut feeling" thing. I think ya'll have burned me out.

I don't plan on blogging tomorrow because I will be a) helping a friend move to his new law office, or b) catching up on the pile of paperwork which is sitting on my desk, or c) making the several hour trip to the regional jail to visit clients (it's either tomorrow or Sunday 'cuz court's Monday).

Sunday will be an entry about what the consequences of failing to come to court are written by a young lady who has been doing some research for me. It'll be pertinent for those of you who practice in Virginia and probably a little bit of a curiosity for those of you who do not.

Monday I plan to do a "Week in the Life" covering the seven days before Thanksgiving.

See ya'll soon.

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