07 November 2004

Problems with Blogger

Well, I had planned to blog about profound and important matters today. However, Blogger had different ideas.

After I tried to fix a link on my blog it refused to publish the fix. I tried a few times but had no luck. It even stopped showing content on the first page. Then I tried to publish a couple of "test" posts - no luck.

I send off a note to Blogger asking what the heck is going on. Then I tried some more and finally found a page which told me that I had used more memory than I am alloted. So I moved some posts over to CrimLex and it's letting me post again.

Should this site go down this week switch over to CrimLex.

You know, I've not been as upset with Blogger as many others seem to have been but this is the second time I've had this particular problem. I like Blogger's choices and all since they upgraded but the slow publishing and times when it just seems to shut down are annoying. I haven't really looked around at other companies. Yet . . .

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