12 November 2004

The latest VideoBlog Entry

Hope you enjoy it.

Technical Matters: My new Sony DVR recorder works wonderfully. Writing to the DVD in VR format and transplanting it to the hard drive worked well. Using the program which came with the camera I was able to convert the file to mpeg2 and the resulting file was beautiful. The only problem was that the conversions were far too big; they took about 40% of the screen. When I tried to use them in Movie Maker they kept causing it to freeze up. However, with persistence I got it put together. Then I tried to finalize the movie and it froze the computer up. I restarted the computer, turned off all the background programs I could, and tried again. It froze again.

So then I had to go and use a conversion program I have to change it to a smaller size. This messed up the syncronization of the picture and sound. However, it did make it small enough that I was able to put it together.

If anyone has a really top of the line conversion program (that won't cost me a month's income) I'm open to suggestions.


Raffi said...

Ken - enjoyed the video, especially the weapons in the background, and your musings on Harvard. But am I wrong, or did you don a jacket between the first and second sessions?

Fitz-Hume said...

I really liked the video. I'm looking forward to the next one.