24 November 2004

Law Notes: Analyzing Roe et al

Over at Law Notes Mark has been blogging about his life as a law student. Now he's decided to take his first crack at doing legal analysis: Roe v Casey and the Future of Roe.

Yes, I know it's not criminal law and I neither endorse or oppose any position taken in the post. In fact, I'm putting it up here without having read it first. Mark's sent me a number of interesting comments since he discovered this site so I wanted to direct some of ya'll over there to see what he's up to. I didn't want my views on the matter to cloud my decision as to whether I'd direct ya'll to his blog.

Now I'm going to actually go read the post. Hopefully I haven't just sent everyone to a site which says that O'Connor's decision in Casey was a Masonic plot or a product of alien mind control. ;-)

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