09 November 2004

SunTrust Scam

I open my email and see this:

Now, being a little technologically competent and a criminal defense attorney I know this is a scam. I click thru and get to this WARNING - DO NOT ENTER ANY INFORMATION INTO THE LINKED PAGE - EXPECT ANY INFORMATION ENTERED TO BE STOLEN AND USED AGAINST YOU!

I'm not dumb enough to put any info in but I realize that in order to target this toward me someone likely has my email address and knows I bank at SunTrust. So I print the email and take down the address of the link. Then I take it across the street to my bank. The bank's reaction? I get told not to enter any information in any emails I get from someone claiming to be a bank. DUH. After I fuss a little the lady grudgingly takes the papers from me and sets them next to her on the desk. I'm pretty sure they hit the trash after I left.



Anonymous said...

I get several of these a week, for SunTrust and CitiBank, but I don't bank at either.

So yeah, they have your email address, but I doubt they know you bank at SunTrust.

-Richard Campbell.

Ken Lammers said...

Interesting. This is the first of these I've gotten. I've gotten ones for ebay and Amazon and, of course, "Hello, I am Prince Obati of Nigeria and I need to get 6 million dollars transferred to the United States."

I guess it was just luck that the first bank hit was from my bank.

Ross said...

Ken - I have worked with many of these scams before and you were smart to pick up on it. I can help you with SunTrust but first you will need to send me all your credit card numbers, bank account numbers and your mother's maiden name..security purposes only of course.