04 December 2004

Around the Web

1) Is Mark unindicted co-conspirator 01 or 114?

2) A judge tells the prosecutors he won't set a trial date.

3) Playing "Who's got the Client?" Unfortunately, I've played this game with a couple clients who have been shifted from jail to jail to jail . . .

4) Can private citizens advocate a right to jury nullification?

5) Only in Japan: a bank robber mails back the money with an apology.

6) "Minced Oaths" (substitute swear words / phrases).

7) A strange case and a lawyer Skelly thinks is a kook (read the facts of the case he links to). Personally, I'm a little suspicious of the judge as well. How many judges would refuse motions to dismiss with prejudice from both the Defense and the prosecution?

8) I've read and been told in more than one CLE that the sentencing situation is turning judges and prosecutors against one another. Mostly, I've not given it too much credence and chalked it up as wishful thinking. And yet . . .

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