20 December 2004

A Haiku

f/k/a has dedicated a haiku to yours truly:
for Ken Lammers at CrimLaw

bitter cold
the bell ringer --
peppermint breath

Tom Painting,
The Heron's Nest V:12

Now I can spend the next six months trying to figure it out. A shame it wasn't a Tanka so I could get a couple of lines analysis on the first three. Not that they ever really helped this guy's poor moribund western mind. Strange, I can wrap my mind around things like Sufi poetry but the Japanese always stump me . . .

[addendum] My brother comments:
Think about it. You've got a stinging sharp wit, and you expose only too much with ruthless efficiency - thus the first two lines. The third line just sums it up in a kawai (cute) way. I think you got pegged! ^_^
Ummm . . . er . . . Thanks?

1 comment:

Prof Yabut said...

This is David Giacalone, Ken. Your brother must be quite a pain in the butt for you -- speaking the truth as only siblings can. I like his insights, but remind you that the beauty of haiku is that each reader can take away his or her own impression. Of course, peppermint has been known to mask a multitude of sins (more or less successfully).

sparrows at the gate--
a quarrel between brothers
breaks out

by Issa