20 December 2004

A Haiku

f/k/a has dedicated a haiku to yours truly:
for Ken Lammers at CrimLaw

bitter cold
the bell ringer --
peppermint breath

Tom Painting,
The Heron's Nest V:12

Now I can spend the next six months trying to figure it out. A shame it wasn't a Tanka so I could get a couple of lines analysis on the first three. Not that they ever really helped this guy's poor moribund western mind. Strange, I can wrap my mind around things like Sufi poetry but the Japanese always stump me . . .

[addendum] My brother comments:
Think about it. You've got a stinging sharp wit, and you expose only too much with ruthless efficiency - thus the first two lines. The third line just sums it up in a kawai (cute) way. I think you got pegged! ^_^
Ummm . . . er . . . Thanks?

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