16 December 2004

Around the Web

1) Inventions from prisoners - I'm doubtful about a number of these but it is interesting.

2) Okay, if you're gay and you choose to come to the law school which is probably the most conservative in the top 25, at a University which basically shares a campus with the Virginia Military Institute, a University named after General Lee, a University in a small rural Southern town, a law school which always has a number of military veterans enrolled, and then you start posting fliers around the law school attacking the military while troops are in the field risking their lives - do you expect your quality of life to be great? This guy files suit in Virginia and he will be crushed so fast . . .

Look, there was an openly gay male at W&L Law while I was there. We all knew it and I never saw him get the kind of treatment described in the article. I suspect there was a lot more provocation than the article presents.

3) Everything you ever wanted to know about the Lindbergh kidnapping.

4) Air Marshals and the "Kill Me First" dress code.

5) PD's are trying desperately to intervene in a case where an inmate has fired them and hired a private attorney to press for his execution.

6) Is having to urinate a valid reason to not testify?

7) How does the head of your local law enforcement agency stack up? Is he catching drug dealers in his own front yard? Or perhaps, is he rescuing hamsters from rodent-nappers?

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