16 December 2004

Top 12 Homicides

I have no idea if this is real or fake but it's an interesting read:

FBI Homicide Investigations Unit's Top 12 Homicides of 2003.


Anonymous said...

Ken, you have no idea whether these are real or fake?

I'll help: They're as real as your client's stories that:

1. "It was not my pants they found the dope in."

2. "Yeah, she was 9, but she was totally coming on to me. And she looked 19."

3. "I didn't know the car was stolen. The punched ignition I thought was a mechanical defect. And $100 seemed like a reasonable price."

4. "I didn't kill my pregnant wife." Oh. Sorry. Wrong lawyer.


Ken Lammers said...

Naturally, I suspect they are fake - especially since I cannot figure out why the feds would be interested in any of them. I just didn't take the time to check.

BTW, I don't worry all that much about what my clients tell me. I can usually talk them out of stupid stories. What keeps me awake at night are the things they don't tell me which never seem to come up until the middle of the trial. "I didn't think it was important."