02 December 2004

Day Three


My main event of Monday is a visit to the juvenile prosecutor. I run by the juvenile and domestic courthouse about 1 p.m. to see if he's available but he's at lunch. So I go to the lawyer / officer room they have set aside at the courthouse. I like the idea behind this sort of room as a place where we can go between cases or to talk with officers or to use the available phone (perhaps the most important feature). The room is even laid out well with nice tables and chairs, a couch, a monitor which scrolls the docket, its own restroom, and a separate room for the phone. Unfortunately, they put it off a hallway away from the courtrooms between the prosecutor's office and the judges' secretary's office. This means it is not convenient for anyone. It's not a place you can go get 10 minutes away from everyone in the waiting area between cases. It's not a convenient place to go speak with officers. In fact, I'm not sure that the majority of attorneys even know it's there. I think I've seen maybe two other attorneys use the room and I've never seen an officer in there.

Anyway, after I sit and read for about a half hour I go back to the prosecutor's office and he's back from lunch. I get in to speak with him and it becomes obvious that most all the cases are going to be worked out fairly easily although in a couple cases the prosecutor wants to talk to the officer first.

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