09 December 2004

Around the Web

1) American On Line wonders why prosecutors aren't named in those cases which decry prosecutorial abuses.

2) Did O'Reilly really call bloggers "criminals at computers" (go to 04 December 2004)? BTW, I just realized day by day is back up - I recommend it to ya'll.

3) Wow. Increase the prosecutor's budget and the sheriff's budget but cut the indigent defense budget by $1,000,000.00. I don't think that would even happen here in Virginia.

4) How police actually deal with the insane.

5) What is the actual percentage of false rape accusations? My feeling on this is that there are definitely a higher number of false complaints in this area.

6) There are places where you do not commit burglaries. Generally, they involve an armed citizenry.

7) Okay, I don't know if I'm even allowed to comment on this as a member of the great, unwashed Goyim (Goyeem?). I'm definitely pretty sure I'm not allowed to tell ya'll that I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my seat. Something this hilarious could only come from Orin.

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Ken Lammers said...

Shhhh . . . There's some junior congressman out there who needs an issue he can ride to re-election.

Anyway, thanks. When I learn a word in a different language I always wonder exactly how the word will be translated into English.