09 December 2004

Strange Crime News

1) "Your honor, my client was asleep when he raped her." Is that an affirmative defense?

2) Santa and pot. Hey! There had to be a reason he was always so laid back and happy.

3) Threatening people with "rapist dogs."

4) Do not run naked in front of the police dog - at least not if you want to remain male.

1 comment:

Ken Lammers said...

I don't know what standard is actually applied over there but you're right if it's a mere possibility that something else happened there's not going to be many convictions.

I suspect the standard is actually similar to ours. The defense attorney was just speaking off the cuff. It would be like me, after winning a shoptlifting case, that the judge couldn't rule out the possibility that my client bought the shirt.

I'd really like to see a (translated) transcript of this case.