30 December 2004

My Post @ C&F

I'm guest hosting over at C&F for the next couple months so that Fed84 can study for the bar. I expect to put a post in over there every couple days and just added my first major post about the law in Virginia as it applies to abductions. I doubt all my posts over there will be that long (I do have to work after all) but hopefully my contribution will allow him to study a little more.

As I think most of you may know C&F is on TypePad. Getting used to the interface has been interesting. Yesterday it ate the post I put up over there this evening because I back-clicked. Much like Blogger's interface it doesn't work well with my browser of choice, Opera. It semi-functioned when I tried Firefox. However, to get all the functions I had to use Explorer - just like I have to with Blogger. The only function I've seen so far which I really like is the ability to choose which posts can have comments. Other than that my decision to remain with Blogger is looking good to me so far.

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