12 December 2004


1) "Police said they found 2 kilograms of cocaine in the trunk of Polania's 1993 Toyota Camry after he was arrested Thursday for driving without a license in the vicinity of Maple Avenue and West Post Road in White Plains."

And how exactly does a misdemeanor arrest give officers the right to search the trunk? Although, if my clients' behavior is the norm, he probably gave permission.

2) There might be a reason this guy is a "former police officer."

3) Cocaine coconuts.


American On Line said...

Ken, 'if' you are incorrect as to consent, I am guessing and betting that it will go something like this: Defendant could not drive the car away, and given that the location of "Maple Avenue and West Post Road in White Plains," where the stop occurred, was not deemed a safe place to leave an unattended vehicle, we seized it, impounded it, did a routine inventory, and found the contraband." Sounds familiar to me.


Blonde Justice said...

Well, if that article doesn't read like an advertisement to bring heroin addicts to NJ, I don't know what does.

Do I smell a new tourism campaign in the works?

Anonymous said...

From the article.

"Polania was identified during an investigation into a drug ring allegedly led by Charles Gant, 40, a hip-hop promoter from the Bronx. Gant was accused of being the ringleader after police found 94 kilograms of cocaine in the motor home of an aspiring hip-hop artist, Gloria "Glory" Velez, and seized more than $800,000 and handguns from four other men who were arrested in April."

They were looking to pop the guy so they could search the car. "What? No driver's license? (which is lucky, because it sounds better than inoperable license plate light) I'm afraid we have to take you to jail Mr. Polania. We're just going to make a quick inventory of your car to make sure nothing gets taken."