30 December 2004

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Appellate Law

1) Do a bad job as a judge in the Philippines - lose everything.

2) Upholding 17 counts of filing false tax returns.

3) Remember, if thou be of larcenous bent, the Alabama Supreme Court said that if you can fake 'em out for three years the statute of limitations will run.

4) The Maryland Supreme court rules that 3 strikes means three strikes in Maryland.

The Windy City

1) The police told the Chicago Trib that crime is down.

2) They also told NPR.


1) Bringing marijuana into a juvenile detention facility - on Christmas.

2) India and Pakistan have found something to agree on: drugs.

3) 83.6 pounds of cocaine.


1) Will Kansas fix its death penalty or scrap it?

2) "Massachusetts, Gov. Mitt Romney is preparing to file [an error proof] death penalty bill early next year."

3) The first of many books about the Peterson trial.


1) Infinite Creativity: Using an air compressor to defeat ignition interlock.

2) You might talk an officer out of an arrest but how do you convince the video tape?


1) Australia is now happy to be a land of criminals.

2) Big Brother: computers, computers, computers.

3) Is a 9-11 call of and by itself exigent circumstances?

4) Poker Champ turned to crusading crime fighter.

5) From OK and 3Sheets: If you are going to fake a hate crime don't carve a word into your head backwards.

6) Stupidest Crimes of the Year - LvCrimProf

7) Should Scott Peterson have testified?

8) Disparate and arbitrary - the difference between small time offenders in the State and federal systems.

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