22 December 2004

Statutory Rape

It has been suggested that the quiz I had taken and posted here was evil and tried to take advantage of my male nature by directing me to a 13 year old girl - Jamie Lynn (Spears). Here are the two side by side:


I don't think they're the same person but I might be wrong.

[BTW (and totally off topic) Ladies, if you want to absolutely mesmerize fools like me wear the contacts which make your eyes bright blue like this (or the green ones). I stare like an idiot and pretty much agree with anything the lady asks of me. (at least in the short term)]

Anyway, with Mister DA talking about statutory rape laws it reminded of an unusual event in my life:

It all began while I was studying for the Bar exam. I was self-studying (which I do not recommend) using MicroMash. For some reason the MBE section kept going back to statutory rape over and over. The section kept speaking about it in general terms - not Virginia specific. However, being in Bar study mode I freaked and looked up all the pertinent Virginia statutes.

So the Bar comes. On the evening of the last day a group of W&L law grads meet in Lexington and sit around in the local bar getting soused (as everyone must after the exam). At one point the conversation turns to kidding one of the guys about something to do with younger women. My brain contained the knowledge but my sense of propriety had been killed by the combination of relief that it was over and a healthy dose of beer. I blurt out, "Hey, don't worry about it man. It's only rape if she's under 13. 13-15 it's carnal knowledge and if you're charged all you have to do is marry the girl and the charge will go away."

The woman sitting at our table looked at me as if I'd grown a horn on my head: "How do you know that?" At this point the booze chose to shut down my ability to answer questions quickly and I sat there dumbfounded and kinda shrugged my shoulders. She moved off to another table with a strange look the whole way. Of course, it didn't even register with the guys at the table; they all acted as if I had just stated something that was common knowledge. Still, to this day I'm convinced that if I accomplished nothing else in law school, I managed to convince one fellow student that I was a perv. Not a goal when I got to the school but I think it was probably one of my more memorable accomplishments.


Brian said...

FUnny story. Amazing how law school changes your thinking to the point where you can say some strange stuff and not think a thing of it.

Mister DA said...

Try being a criminal law specialist, prosecution or defense, for a few years. You find yourself talking quite routinely about things that are guaranteed to raise the hair of the general run of citizens. The bosses periodiclly come by and caution us aobut the presence of more or less normal people in the office. I expect police departments have the same problem.

Anonymous said...

Ken, that's Ashlee Simpson. Google her.