29 December 2004

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1) A Virginia judge banned from presiding over criminal cases.


1) Competent - so now we can kill you.

2) Ohio will not enforce a death penalty for someone who did not kill anyone in its jurisdiction.

3) Should the UN General Assembly vote against the death penalty?

4) Junior seer questioned in a murder. (Somebody please explain this one to me)


1) No guns? Then you take care of the knife problems.

2) The Supreme Court and parents in Washington State.

3) Settling the great bare-hand catfishing controversy once and for all time.

4) Shock probation?

5) Victim's Rights advocates versus the criminal lawyers.

6) Misdemeanor refusing to leave church.

7) Is withholding tithes stealing?

8) Getting people into jail for non-jailable offenses (the UK way).

9) 247 page "brief" from the government in the Martha case.

10) A new criminal code for Illinois.

11) Inmates stop a jail break. BTW - a 74 year old guard?

12) A jury badly deadlocked is solved when the prosecutor finds out some jurors have been previously convicted.

13) "Defendants who fail to turn up at court in Coventry could be arrested at work or even in the pub, police have warned." What used to happen? Was the accused murderer who did not show up for his trial verbally reprimanded when he ran into a member of the constabulary? "Joe, you need to show up at your next trial so we can send you to prison for 30 years. Now, hurry home with you; and make sure you're in the courthouse Thursday after next."

14) "Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus" - Sounds like something evil from The Lord of the Rings.


1) Do drugs cause the pleasure center of the brain to shrink or are those pulled to drugs equipped with a smaller pleasure center?

2) Kentucky's success with alternative drug treatments.

3) Big drug bust in Philly.

4) Infinite creativity - Heroin hidden in oranges.

5) Will marijuana become a ticketable offense in Texas?


1) Female gangs on the grow.

2) Square Peg meet Round Hole - Charging gang members as "terrorists."

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