14 December 2004

Around the Web

1) The Supreme Court needs to make a decision soon before Professor Berman explodes.

2) Can an officer tall a drunk guy to get in his car and then charge him with DUI?

3) "[W]hy should the defense lawyer, and no one else, be the one to take a pay cut when a [capital] case costs too much?"

4) "Last week, surveillance cameras caught a man exposing himself to shoppers in the Value City store in Latonia.

Police say they've identified the flasher, but Kentucky law says they can't charge him with the misdemeanor because no officer saw him do it and there are very few exceptions to that law.

5) Mugged by two pregnant ladies?

6) A libertarian in favor of more criminal laws.

7) "The 8-to-0 decision . . . overturned a ruling by the Florida Supreme Court that a lawyer who concedes a defendant's guilt, for whatever reason, in the absence of explicit authorization, has deprived the client of the effective assistance of counsel." LvBashman

8) C&F seems shocked that everything is illegal (at least under federal law).

9) I'm a PD's plan for the next time an officer accuses her of DUI.

10) Charging Greenpeace with attempting to board a ship under sail and solicit sailors to go to a brothel.

11) Should the death penalty be abandoned because procedural errors guarantee an innocent will be (and probably has been) killed by the State?

12) Imagine having to explain this one to your Defense attorney or telling it to your cellmate:
"[A] group of men attempted to burglarize [a] home, pointing a gun at the kids.

The children happened to be playing a video game called Grand Theft Auto at the time. The game has dozens of random police scanner messages, which blare out calls such as "This is the police! You’re surrounded!" . . . [T]he burglars heard that message and thought police were outside the door waiting for them.

Galveston County Asst DA Michael Elliott explained, "The police in the game were staying, 'Stop, we have you surrounded. This is the police.’ The burglar, unknowingly, thought this was the actual police and panicked ... being apprehended by Playstation.
They ran off and were caught later. LvLaporte

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