23 December 2004

Mystery Solved

Okay, the mystery of the quiz is now solved. The young woman in the photo is Ashlee Simpson (thanks to Anon for the tip). She's clearly of age so there is no problem here.

How, you ask could I have not recognized a pop star of such renown? Of course I knew who she is. Who hasn't heard about the SNL lipsyncing fiasco? It got its own parody site and reactions from famous stars. It even got her an offer to come back to SNL and try again.

Still, the hair color change led me astray. She changed from a pretty blonde to a not so pretty Joan Jett imitator. I assume she is paying royalties to Ms. Jett for infringing on the look; now if she could only get a loan of the talent (of course I haven't heard Joan Jett in about 10 years - I am assuming there is still talent).



Blonde Justice said...

I didn't realize there was a mystery involved, or I would've spoken up sooner. You just have to go to my tracking page to see that the top 3 search terms leading to my blog are "ashlee" "simpson" "pictures," followed by "hair" and "blonde." I think everyone liked her better as a blonde.

Anyway, since I think it was my quiz that started this whole thing. But maybe it'll be good for your traffic. Talking about Ashlee Simpson has been a huge source of traffic for me.


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